Become a mentor and learn while you help others grow

Mentors contribute to a mentee’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge, expertise, and experience. Mentorship can also help mentors develop/enhance their leadership skills.

The knowledge, advice, or resources a mentor shares depends on the goals of the mentoring relationship. Typically, a mentor may work with a mentee by:

  • Sharing their own career path and formative experiences
  • Providing guidance, motivation, or emotional support
  • Role modelling
  • Exploring career options
  • Setting goals
  • Developing contacts
  • Identifying resources
  • And more…

The mentor role will change and adapt as the needs of the mentee change. Additionally, many mentors report that the learning moves in both directions, reminding the mentor of their important lessons and experiences as well as seeing issues from new perspectives.


“Building relationships at work is so important, and at a large institution such as UBC, it’s not easy to connect with other professionals on different teams and at different levels of their career. The Communicators Mentoring Program matches people across the institution and creates an opportunity for connection.”

2021 program participant